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Theo Poulentzas
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Dear Fellow Marketer,

Here’s something that you probably already know:

If you’re planning to CRUSH IT with your next email marketing campaign, then you need HIGH quality products connected to POWERFUL emails – PERIOD!

Yes -- the kind of emails that make your subscribers stop whatever they’re doing, read everything, and finally buy from your affiliate link.

The main problem is...

Finding Winning Products to Promote & Writing Engaging, Attention-Grabbing Emails Is A Pain In The A** And A VERY Time-Consuming Activity!

Let’s face it...

There are literally thousands of products you have access to promote to your list. Some good… some not so good, and some just outright rubbish!

And not only that...

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can MURDER your email campaigns with poorly written emails promoting offers nobody wants.

I think that this is obvious, yet unfortunately, many email marketers usually promote lousy products created by unscrupulous marketers in an evening and promote them with crappy emails that do more harm than good.

And then they wonder why they get ZERO sales and lots of unsubscribes!

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s time to set yourself apart from those email marketers who are struggling to make decent affiliate commissions.

Today I have something extraordinary for you.

I’m talking About A Flagship Sequence Of 15 Exclusive, Clickbank Products + Done-For-You Email Swipes Written By Me, An Email Marketing Ninja!

These proven Clickbank products + autoresponder swipes are the perfect solution for you if you don’t want to do the grunt work of creating products and writing for endless hours.

I already rolled up my sleeves and got to work so that you don’t have to do ANYTHING of this!

Here’s the thing...

I spent years researching and compiling high-converting, GREAT Clickbank products to promote and are PROVEN to make money.

Of course, I also wrote phenomenal emails based on persuasive and effective copywriting formulas.

Not only that, but I also put everything to the test and kept ONLY what worked like gangbusters.

So, it can’t get any easier for you:

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“Clickbank Automated Affiliate Profits”

This is a professionally-written package consisting of 15 top-notch, money-making emails that were battle-tested, with GREAT results.

Now you can grab them all, load them into your autoresponder and start promoting HOT-SELLING products that your subscribers will literally snatch from your hands.

  • There’s no hard work involved.
  • No need to spend tons of time searching for products to promote.
  • No need to fire up your Word and write a single sentence.

I made it SUPER simple for you...

All you need to do is place your affiliate link and send these proven-to-convert emails to your subscribers.

That’s it!

This Is What You’re Getting:

  • 15 high-quality, ready-to-be-deployed Clickbank products (these were professionally created by expert marketers.)
  • 4-7 autoresponder email swipes for each product -- written and tested by yours truly, an email marketing specialist.
  • SOLID products that will make your subscribers life easier and help you achieve success faster.
  • An “automated email marketing” machine that will work 24/7 for you, while you are sleeping like a baby at night.
  • Round-the-clock, friendly support in case you have doubts or you need anything.
  • And much, much more...

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I’ll be frank with you.

 You can find tons of free autoresponder templates out there.

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This is not what you want, correct?

The “Clickbank Automated Affiliate Profits” bundle has been created, developed, and extensively tested by me, an email marketing maestro.

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No more trying to figure out everything by yourself.

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These premium email swipes are not generic or “cookie-cutter” nor are they written by a cheap freelancer with no clue about selling.

I have written these, and specifically for each Clickbank product that not only have been put to the test but also are proven to convert like gangbusters!

These are the products I promote... these are the campaigns I use... these are the emails I send out.

So… say goodbye to doing everything by yourself, and use this life-saving “email marketing shortcut!”

I look forward to welcoming you on board.

Thanks for reading!

Your Friend,

Theo Poulentzas
(Email Marketing Specialist And Super Affiliate.)

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